The Michigan Liberal Arts Deans (MLAD) organization articulates and promotes the shared vision that knowledge of the Liberal Arts and the application of this knowledge is the basis for success in all of life’s endeavors.

The Michigan Liberal Arts Deans (MLAD) organization has the following goals:

  • To support and promote student learning through community college education in the State of Michigan.
  • To provide support to one another in advancing the Vision, Mission, and Goals of MLAD.
  • To cooperate with other community college associations in Michigan when such cooperation strengthens our ability to serve students.
  • To provide leadership in identifying and supporting the role of the Liberal Arts in workforce development and workforce training initiatives in Michigan.
  • To provide governmental units with a liaison to the liberal arts in Michigan community colleges.
  • To serve as a liaison between the liberal arts in Michigan community colleges and the other colleges and universities in the state.
  • To provide support for the Liberal Arts Network for Development (LAND) and its annual conference.
  • To offer mentoring support for new Liberal Arts Deans in the state.
  • To design and provide professional development opportunities unique to the needs of members of MLAD.